System Features

Call Centre Agent Quality Analysis, Training & Coaching System

Individual and Group Coaching

The software caters to both one-on-one and group coaching sessions.

Support Tools for Leaders

Team leaders are equipped with tools to prepare for sessions and suggest actionable items for agents.

GROW Form Integration

The system offers a GROW coaching method form that can be completed online or printed for offline use.

Call Center Support System Features
Call Centre Agent Quality Analysis

Scannable Paper Forms

Paper forms can be scanned, and the system will automatically recognize and input the written data into the user's learner log and other reports.

Learner Log

A comprehensive historical view of all activities and coaching events for an agent over the past year.

Cross-Team & Role Tracking

The system tracks agents as they transition between teams and roles, consolidating handwritten and digital data in a chronological sequence.

Support for Learning Teams

Group coaching sessions are supported, allowing team leaders to document individual and group learnings.

Extensive Reporting

Provides detailed reports at the agent, team, and contact center levels, including the ability to view all coaching events and delve into specific details.

Security and GDPR Compliance

The system identifies potential GDPR risks when names or numbers are entered and alerts the user.

AI-Powered Email Interaction

Users can interact with the system using natural language via email, eliminating the need for password management for most users. A dedicated login interface is available for managers.

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