About Us

FirstLineCoach is a set of innovative software components designed to help your Team Leaders improve your business.

The solution has been built from the ground up to operate effectively within a busy and rapidly changing contact centre environment.  Designed for Team Leaders and Coaches, by expert coaches.

Our team are supporting customers every day to deliver results. 

We are pleased to give you a little of the background on the team behind First Line Coach.

Our Experienced Team

Cormac murphy - First Line Coach

Cormac Murphy: Founder & Lead Consultant Coach

Cormac is the Managing Director of First Line Coach. He has been working in change and coaching for over 30 years and specifically in Customer Experience change for the last 20 years. Cormac is the original designer of Learning Teams and has delivered successful programmes to AIB, Scottish Life, CIE Tours, Wheatley Group and others.

Cath Stanley - Our Staff

Cath Stanley: Director Individual Coaching

Cath is a chartered psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland. She has many years' experience providing assessment and development solutions to individuals, teams and organisations in the public and private sectors. Specialising in personal development, she has designed and used solutions to improve and sustain organisational performance while enhancing individual well-being. Cath has worked with clients in sectors such as telecommunications, financial services and pharmaceutical, as well as health boards and government departments.

Gillian - Our Staff

Gillian Jennings: Director Group Coaching

Gillian has a rich background in the insurance and customer service industries, specializing in coaching and complaint management. Gillian previously held pivotal roles at Aviva/Friends First Life Assurance. Here, she notably led the Customer Culture Change Programme (CusP), a group coaching initiative, which she rolled out within the Customer Service Division, impacting over 100 staff. Her extensive experience spans managing complex complaints, relationship management with the Financial Service Ombudsman Bureau, and the development and delivery of specialized training programs. Additionally, she's a Qualified Financial Advisor in Ireland and a member of the Pension Foundation.

Levente-Laszlo Horvath-Szombathy

Levente-Laszlo Horvath-Szombathy: Chief Technology Officer

(Levente) serves as the Chief Technology Officer at First Line Coach, with over 15 years rooted deeply in the technology sector. Central to his expertise is his adeptness at conceptualising and refining platforms, evident in his experience in the development of a multi-tenant, multi-brand behavior platforms. Alongside this, Levente possesses a profound understanding of GDPR, ensuring each project he oversees aligns with stringent data protection protocols. Machine learning is a domain Levente navigates with a practical touch and now underpins many of the most innovative elements within FirstLineCoach.com, ensuring they remain both cutting-edge and applicable. Levente's in-depth knowledge of document scan processing, especially concerning the intricacies of QR codes, showcases a holistic approach to technology integration in the product.

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