Coaching Approach

Our call centre coaching and training sessions emphasize preparation. We offer online training guides for call centre team leaders. These guides help them prepare for coaching. The chosen guide will vary based on the agent’s experience. For new call centre agents, the coaching is like a lesson. For experienced agents, it’s more like a discussion.

We use the GROW method in our coaching. “GROW” stands for Goal, Reality, Opportunity, and Will. The form for this method can be completed online or on paper. If completed on paper, it can be scanned into the First Line Coach call centre agent training and coaching system. Whether online or scanned, both the agent and team leader receive a copy. All information from the form is extracted. This allows for detailed analysis and reporting.

Agents leave each session with clear insights. They understand the calls they reviewed. They identify areas they can improve. They decide on actions for better results. These actions are noted in the “Will” section.

Each new GROW session starts with a review. Agents look back at their previous actions. They discuss how well they did. After the session, agents get a summary. It’s sent as a PDF. They can also print it and keep it nearby. This reminds them of their goals during work.

Our approach, tools, and expert coaches ensure growth. They also align with the organization’s goals.

Group call centre agent and team leader coaching is vital for enhancing the skills of frontline call centre teams.  We recommend team leaders use recent recorded calls from the session’s participants for our ‘learning team’ sessions.  

We offer call centre induction materials to prepare teams to have constructive call discussions in a secure setting.  Instead of corrective conversations with individuals, team leaders are encouraged to showcase exemplary calls to demonstrate effective conversation techniques.  We advocate for highlighting positive, albeit infrequent, behaviours and encouraging their repetition rather than pinpointing mistakes.

Each session starts by revisiting the previous ‘learning team’ sheet.  Participants share their progress on prior commitments before discussing a call.  In the session’s final ten minutes, a review occurs where the call centre team leader asks each member about their key takeaways and future commitments.

These insights are documented, and each member receives a record of their commitments and the session’s overall learnings.  This data is then integrated into the individual’s ‘learner log’, amalgamating group and one-to-one session records, offering a comprehensive view of their developmental journey.

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